Canelo Alvarez Not The Best Fighter in Mexico: Roy Jones 

May 30, 2023 10:21 am

Canelo Álvarez, the renowned Mexican boxer, finds himself at a pivotal juncture in his illustrious career. However, former boxing legend Roy Jones holds a differing opinion, asserting that Canelo is not the best fighter Mexico has produced. Jones recently compiled a list of the top Mexican boxers, where Canelo did not make the cut.

Following his successful defense of all his titles at the 168-pound weight class, Canelo is currently deliberating his next challenge. According to MinutoD, Jones made it clear that he does not consider Canelo to be among the three greatest Mexican boxers of all time. Enhance your boxing viewing experience with the best betting odds from Nextbet.

During an interview with Fight Hype, Roy Jones expressed his views on Canelo Alvarez’s status in Mexican boxing. While acknowledging that Canelo arrived at a time when Mexico was in need of a new boxing icon, Jones stopped short of including him in the upper echelons of greatness.

“In my opinion, times have changed. With the evolution of time, I would place Salvador Sanchez as number one, followed by Julio Cesar Chavez at number two, and then the list extends to fighters like Marco Antonio Barrera and others. Canelo Alvarez emerged at a time when boxing was yearning for a fresh face,” Jones stated.

Jones further elaborated on his perspective by highlighting the Canelo vs. Mayweather fight, which took place in 2013. According to Jones, this particular bout revealed Canelo’s true colors, as he was not physically prepared to take on the likes of Floyd Mayweather. “The fact that Canelo lost to Floyd Mayweather shows that he did not enter the ring in the same peak condition as other boxing greats,” Jones explained.

However, Jones did not discount the accomplishments of Canelo, acknowledging his remarkable career and memorable fights. He opined that Canelo is undoubtedly a skilled boxer and deserves recognition as one of the top Mexican fighters, potentially ranking within the top five. Jones attributed Canelo’s placement on the list to the era in which he competed and the achievements he attained.

In conclusion, Roy Jones’s assessment of Canelo Álvarez’s status among the pantheon of Mexican boxing greats differs from the popular consensus. While Jones acknowledges Canelo’s impact on the sport during a critical period, he ultimately places other iconic Mexican boxers ahead of him in terms of historical significance. As Canelo continues to etch his name in boxing history, the debate surrounding his place among the all-time greats will undoubtedly persist. Get all the latest updates from the world of sports only on Nextbet Sports.