Conor McGregor Steps into Coaching Role for Dillon Danis’ Boxing Debut Against Logan Paul

August 15, 2023 10:34 am

In a surprising twist, Conor McGregor has announced that he will be coaching Dillon Danis in his forthcoming boxing match against Logan Paul. However, McGregor harbors concerns about Paul’s commitment to the bout.

Known for his illustrious UFC career, McGregor has turned his attention to coaching fighters this year, including his role as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. Now, he is venturing into the world of boxing to guide his teammate, Dillon Danis, through his debut in the ring. Set to take on the controversial social media sensation, Logan Paul, Danis is slated to enter the ring on October 14 at the AO Arena in Manchester. Nonetheless, fans are wary, given Paul’s history of fight cancellations. Witness the boxing world champions in action with attractive betting odds from Nextbet. 

Despite his confidence in Danis, McGregor acknowledges the possibility of Paul withdrawing from the match, especially following a series of tweets from Danis that seem to have unsettled his opponent. McGregor, who is preparing for his own return to action after a two-year hiatus, was spotted training with Danis earlier this summer in New York.

McGregor shared his thoughts with the Matchroom Boxing YouTube channel, stating, “Dillon will win for sure. They’re already back-tracking right now, they awoke an animal. I know Dillon well, I’ve trained him numerous times, assisted him, and I’m guiding him. I’ll be training him for this match and I’m confident of a victory.”

While McGregor expresses his hope that Paul will indeed show up for the fight, he points out that there’s a contingency plan in place. “We’re going to come at him with a bill if he don’t show up,” he adds. As McGregor readies himself for his own training camp, he plans to integrate Dillon Danis, monitoring his progress closely. “I was training with him while I was in New York. I was there for about a month, training with him. He’s in a great mental space. He’s worked hard to bounce back from a tough period, and now he’s in an excellent place. I fully support him. I’ve trained with him, and I know he’s got this.”

Interestingly, McGregor has also made a bold entry into the YouTube boxing realm by challenging KSI, the headliner of the October 14 event, to a bare-knuckle fight. After watching Anthony Joshua’s triumph over Robert Helenius in the O2 Arena, McGregor seized the moment to voice his proposal. Get the latest updates from the world of boxing only on Nextbet Sports

“Big congrats to AJ, big congrats to Eddie, big congrats Forged Irish Stout,” McGregor remarked in an interview post-fight. Directing his attention to KSI, he added, “And I know your man KSI is in the crowd and he couldn’t box eggs if he worked in an egg boxing factory. So if he wants to get in here I’ll give him a final yoke, bare-knuckle if you want!”