Eden Hazard’s Departure from Real Madrid Sparks Interest from Crystal Palace

August 29, 2023 9:53 am

Real Madrid have a history of high-profile signings that have often ended in disappointment. Players arriving at the Santiago Bernabeu with sky-high expectations and hefty transfer fees have frequently fallen short of the hype, leaving the club without a substantial impact.

One such player who bore the weight of colossal expectations upon his arrival was none other than the Belgian sensation, Eden Hazard. His grand entrance in the summer of 2019 was hailed as the dawn of a new era for Real Madrid. Follow your favourite football team with attractive La Liga odds from Nextbet. 

Fast forward to the summer of 2023, and Hazard’s name finds itself unattached to any club, following an agreement to part ways with Real Madrid a year before his contract’s natural conclusion. Lingering uncertainty even clouds the possibility of Hazard contemplating retirement, his journey in the Spanish capital marred by persistent injury setbacks.

According to reports emanating from Football Transfers, Crystal Palace is actively formulating a plan to bring Eden Hazard into their ranks. The proposed deal may take the form of a straightforward one-year contract, possibly structured with a pay-as-you-play component.

Hazard’s tenure at Real Madrid was far from smooth sailing. The Belgian luminary grappled with an extensive catalog of injuries and never truly settled into the fabric of the team. His tally of just four league goals over four seasons pales in comparison to the meteoric rise of Jude Bellingham, who has already matched that feat in a mere three games. The consensus is clear: the acquisition of Hazard stands as an ill-fated chapter in Real Madrid’s history.

At this juncture in his career, a short-term move to a club like Crystal Palace may not constitute a triumphant return to the Premier League for the Chelsea legend. However, it could emerge as an invaluable opportunity for him to demonstrate that he still possesses the prowess to excel at the highest echelons of football. 

Moreover, it would afford Hazard the privilege of gracing the pitches of London once more, potentially reigniting the magic that once made him the star of the show. Get the latest updates from the La Liga only on Nextbet Sports