Garcia and Mickelson Share Similar View on LIV Players’ Return to PGA Tour

August 10, 2023 11:13 am

The ongoing discourse surrounding a possible merger between the PGA Tour and the nascent LIV Golf circuit has sparked intriguing opinions from within the golfing realm. Sergio Garcia, a prominent figure within LIV Golf, has expressed concurrence with Phil Mickelson’s sentiments about players from the breakaway circuit rejoining the PGA Tour.

A recent memorandum dispatched by PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan unveiled a ‘Player Discipline’ initiative, aimed at charting a pathway for LIV players previously barred from the PGA Tour to potentially regain Tour membership. The response to this proposal was swiftly echoed by the most prominent name associated with the Saudi-backed LIV league, Phil Mickelson. Enhance your golf viewing experience with attractive golf gambling odds from Nextbet. 

Mickelson resorted to social media to critique Monahan’s blueprint, asserting that the very notion of LIV competitors returning to the PGA Tour was met with disinterest. His tweet read: “What a colossal waste of time. Not a single player on LIV wants to play PGA Tour. It would require a public apology and restitution to LIV players for paying millions to clout media to disparage all of us. A better topic is future sanctions for the many players who now come to LIV.”

In light of the ongoing discussions concerning a prospective PGA Tour-LIV merger, Sergio Garcia’s perspective was sought prior to the LIV Bedminster event this week. When asked about Mickelson’s assertion that LIV players were disinclined to rejoin the PGA Tour, Garcia offered his own perspective. “While I cannot speak for everyone, it seems there is a prevailing sentiment that LIV players are content and fulfilled within their current environment,” he commented.

The Spanish golfer went on to emphasize his personal stance, “Speaking for myself, yes. As I’ve mentioned, my decision to join LIV was motivated by my affinity for the product and my desire to scale back my playing commitments. If the prospect of returning to the PGA TOUR were to arise, I would likely decline due to my aspiration to strike a balance between quality golf and cherished moments with my loved ones.”

Sergio Garcia’s departure from the PGA Tour was marked by a notable incident, a passionate on-course exchange at the Wells Fargo Championship last May. The altercation with a rules official resonated loudly, as Garcia’s frustration peaked, and he candidly expressed his eagerness to transition away from the American-based circuit. His memorable words, “I can’t wait to leave this Tour. I can’t wait to get out of here my friend,” underscored his resolve.

As discussions continue to swirl around the potential PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger, the viewpoints shared by Garcia and Mickelson provide a glimpse into the complex web of perspectives shaping the future trajectory of professional golf. Get the latest updates from the world of golf only on Nextbet Sports