Guardiola Grapples with De Bruyne’s Injury as City Faces Midfield Dilemma

August 16, 2023 10:23 am

Pep Guardiola is grappling with concerns over the injury to Kevin De Bruyne, fearing that the Premier League midfielder could remain sidelined until the new year due to a hamstring injury sustained during the recent victory against Burnley. The recurrence of the problem he faced during the Champions League final against Internazionale in June has prompted Guardiola to describe this setback as a “big blow.”

Guardiola’s trusted medical advisor, Dr. Ramón Cugat, is playing a key role in determining De Bruyne’s recovery path. The manager stated, “Ramón reviewed the images and, collectively with other doctors, they have reached a consensus on the required course of action.”

As the team grapples with De Bruyne’s absence, Guardiola is considering Phil Foden as a potential replacement. Foden’s versatility could come to the fore as he steps into the void left by the seasoned midfielder. Guardiola mentioned, “Foden could fill that role, but he’s also capable of playing in other positions. We have alternative options, including Mateo Kovacic. The depth of our squad is commendable.”

Rodri, a pivotal figure in City’s midfield, highlighted the significance of De Bruyne’s role within the team. “He’s undoubtedly one of the club’s most crucial players. His absence will be deeply felt. Our support for him during this challenging time is unwavering. He’s determined to return, and his experience will guide him through the recovery process. Although we’ll miss him, our squad is substantial enough to adapt.”

City’s interest in West Ham’s Lucas Paquetà is notable, raising questions about whether De Bruyne’s injury will influence potential signings. Guardiola remained circumspect, stating that they will evaluate the situation as it unfolds. Follow your favourite Premier League team with attractive football betting odds from Nextbet. 

Amidst the injury concerns, City has secured a long-term commitment from 18-year-old defensive midfielder Rico Lewis, who signed a five-year deal. Guardiola hailed the achievement, saying, “This is an incredible milestone for the club. Developing a player from our academy who will be with us for an extended period is truly remarkable.”

City’s focus now shifts to the UEFA Super Cup final against Sevilla in Athens, an opportunity for the club to secure its fourth trophy of the year following last season’s triumphant treble. Get the latest updates from the Premier League only on Nextbet Sports

On the topic of Stefan Ortega, City’s second-choice goalkeeper, who has garnered interest from Bayern Munich, Guardiola emphasized the importance of retaining him. “Losing Ortega would be problematic, primarily due to the quality he brings. His departure would necessitate finding a replacement during a time when the market isn’t conducive for such decisions.”