Max Verstappen’s Shock Revelation: Open to Joining Mercedes, Despite ‘Different Environment’

August 21, 2023 12:20 pm

Max Verstappen, the star of Red Bull Racing, has surprisingly revealed that he would consider driving for the rival Formula 1 team, Mercedes, despite acknowledging the “very different environment” it represents. 

Verstappen, whose rivalry with Mercedes drivers has been a highlight of recent seasons, shared his perspective on the possibility of joining a more “corporate” team like Mercedes. Enhance your F1 viewing experience with attractive F1 betting odds from Nextbet. 

Speaking to De Telegraaf, the 25-year-old driver expressed his thoughts on such a move. “That’s indeed a very different environment,” Verstappen admitted. “It’s always important to stay true to yourself and keep speaking your mind. It doesn’t matter to me where that is. If a team really wants me in such a situation, they will also make an effort, and you can probably adapt certain things to some extent. You sort of meet halfway.”

Verstappen has made headlines for his on-track battles with Mercedes drivers, most recently with George Russell at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. While the prospect of a Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton partnership would undoubtedly attract immense attention, Verstappen clarified that such a move isn’t currently on the table.

“Currently, this is not even on the table,” Verstappen emphasized. “In the past, I could never have imagined achieving this level of success. I dreamt of reaching Formula 1 and perhaps driving for a top team someday.”

Addressing critics who have labeled his dominance with Red Bull as ‘boring,’ Verstappen remained steadfast in his appreciation for his achievements. “This is what I’ve always worked for,” he stated. “If people are now calling it boring, so be it. I also know the other side of the coin. Personally, I find it anything but boring.”

As Formula 1 heads to the Netherlands for Verstappen’s home Grand Prix, the stage is set for the Dutch driver to continue his remarkable run. He aims to equal Sebastian Vettel’s race-win record with nine consecutive victories, solidifying his place as one of the sport’s brightest talents. Get the latest updates from the world of F1 only on Nextbet Sports