Borisa Simanic

Serbian Basketball Star Borisa Simanic Loses Kidney Due to Injury during World Cup Game

September 5, 2023 9:32 am

In a shocking turn of events, the Serbian Basketball Federation announced on Monday that forward Borisa Simanic has lost one of his kidneys due to an injury sustained during a World Cup game against South Sudan. This unfortunate incident has sent shockwaves through the basketball community, leaving Simanic’s teammates and fans deeply concerned for his well-being.

Simanic’s ordeal unfolded in Manila, where he underwent two surgeries. Dr. Dragan Radovanovic, the team doctor, revealed that complications arose after the initial surgery, necessitating a second procedure on Sunday, during which the kidney had to be removed. This double surgery has left Simanic facing a challenging road to recovery. Enhance your basketball viewing experience with attractive betting odds from Nextbet, one of the best basketball gambling sites.

Serbia, scheduled to play Lithuania in a World Cup quarterfinal on Tuesday, now finds itself grappling with both the emotional toll of Simanic’s injury and the uncertainty of his future on the team. Serbian forward Nikola Milutinov expressed the team’s sentiments, saying, “It was really tough for us when we heard what happened. First, we didn’t believe it was such a bad thing. It’s really affected us. We’re really praying for him that he’s going to be good as soon as possible.”

The injury occurred with just under 2 minutes left in Serbia’s victory over South Sudan. Nuni Omot of South Sudan, in an attempt to score under the basket, inadvertently elbowed Simanic, who subsequently cried out in pain before falling to his knees. Omot has since stated that he did not intend to cause an injury, and South Sudan’s basketball federation released a statement describing the incident as “unintentional and unfortunate.”

“I am deeply saddened by the news of Simanic’s injuries,” Omot expressed in his statement. “As a sportsman, I firsthand understand the severity of his situation, and I am deeply sorry that this happened. No player should have to go through that. I pray for Simanic’s recovery and speedy return to the court.”

The impact of Simanic’s injury reverberated throughout the Serbian team, with Milutinov revealing, “We didn’t sleep after that game. We were trying to find blood for him because he was losing a lot of blood. It was really a tough moment for everybody. I hope this will never happen to anybody in the world.”

As Simanic continues to receive treatment in the Manila hospital, the team remains uncertain about when he will be released. Simanic, who contributed three points in approximately 20 minutes off the bench in three World Cup games, faces a challenging journey ahead as he strives to recover from this life-altering injury. The basketball world stands united in its hope for his swift and complete recovery. Get the latest updates from the world of basketball only on Nextbet Sports