Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez Under Fire for Struggles at Red Bull: Seat Pressure Mounts

July 20, 2023 10:46 am

Sergio Perez’s struggles with the RB19 since the start of the Formula 1 season have been evident, with a disappointing run of five consecutive Q3 misses. Former Red Bull junior Jaime Alguersuari deems this performance unacceptable, highlighting the gap between Perez and his teammate.

Currently trailing his teammate by a staggering 99 points in the drivers’ championship, Perez’s underwhelming performances could have posed a greater threat to the team’s success if the competition at the front of the grid were tighter. Enhance your F1 viewing experience with attractive betting odds from Nextbet

The recent promotion of Daniel Ricciardo to AlphaTauri only amplifies the mounting pressure on Perez. With both Ricciardo and his new teammate, Yuki Tsunoda, eyeing a chance at the second Red Bull seat, Perez must now prove his worth.

Alguersuari, who participated in 46 Grands Prix and achieved a best finish of seventh while scoring 31 points, transitioned to a new career as a DJ following his departure from the sport. He shared his views on Perez’s performance during a conversation with Sky Sports F1 on their weekly podcast, delivering a blunt assessment.

Asserting that Perez was never part of the junior team, Alguersuari implied that if he were, based on Helmut Marko’s evaluations of drivers, he would not have lasted a year. Alguersuari emphasized the importance of utilizing a winning car effectively, acknowledging that some may question his criticism given his own best finish. However, he emphasized the significance of outperforming one’s teammate as the primary competition within the team.

Alguersuari further expressed his belief that there are other drivers on the grid who could better compete alongside Max Verstappen. He deemed it unacceptable for Perez to consistently be half a second or seven-tenths slower, stating that if a teammate is winning all the races, the expectation is to at least secure podium finishes, not merely on the best days.

In light of these circumstances, Alguersuari emphasized the need for Perez to close the performance gap. Failure to do so could potentially result in being replaced by another driver who can better challenge Verstappen. Alguersuari acknowledged that there are numerous drivers on the grid who could provide a stronger competition for the team’s lead driver.

As rumors circulate within the paddock regarding potential driver changes for the 2025 season, the grid may witness a significant reshuffling compared to its current composition. These developments add to the uncertainty surrounding Perez’s future and increase the stakes for him to improve his performance and narrow the gap to Verstappen. Get the latest updates from the world of F1 only on Nextbet Sports.