Alonso Calls for Efficiency Improvement as Aston Martin Looks to the Future

September 13, 2023 11:29 am

In a challenging outing at the Italian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso faced his least competitive performance of the season, securing a ninth-place finish, while Lance Stroll found himself outside the points in 16th. Now, Alonso is urging his team to prioritize efficiency improvements, a call that has been echoed by Aston Martin’s Technical Director, T McCullough.

McCullough addressed the matter, acknowledging the importance of enhancing the car’s efficiency, especially in terms of straight-line speed, an area where they have faced struggles earlier in the season.

“Fernando touched on the efficiency of the car. It is an area where at the start of the year, we were definitely one of the slower cars in the straight line,” said McCullough, emphasizing the need for improvement.

The team has been actively working on addressing this issue, both in terms of the car’s fundamental design and the adjustments made to the rear wing levels for the Monza circuit. 

However, McCullough acknowledges that significant changes benefiting this year’s model might be unlikely, with the Las Vegas race marking the final part of the season where efficiency plays a pivotal role, similar to the challenges faced at Spa and Monza. Follow your favourite F1 team with attractive F1 betting odds from Nextbet. 

According to McCullough, improving efficiency involves a holistic approach that encompasses various elements of the car’s architecture, extending beyond just rear wing modifications. While many tracks in the upcoming races may not heavily favor high efficiency, the team’s focus is firmly on the development of the AMR24, with the aim of ensuring a more efficient design than the current model.

Monza showcased the intricate balance between downforce and straight-line speed with today’s cars. McCullough highlighted the challenges drivers and teams face in finding the right compromise, particularly when it comes to selecting rear wing levels.

“In high-speed grip limited corners, you can choose the rear wing level to be fast,” he explained, underlining the significance of striking the right balance. “It’s really important because the second Lesmo, Ascari, and Parabolica have very long straights after them.”

The modern generation of cars, coupled with unique characteristics, has brought forth a shift in rear wing philosophy, further complicating the task of optimizing efficiency on the track.

As the season progresses, the Aston Martin team remains dedicated to fine-tuning their car’s performance, with an eye toward future improvements and ensuring a more competitive showing in the races to come. Get the latest updates from the world of F1 only on Nextbet Sports