Andy Murray Voices Concerns Over Wimbledon Scheduling

August 30, 2023 11:42 am

British tennis star Andy Murray has expressed his frustrations with Wimbledon organizers over scheduling, which he believes played a significant role in his exit from the Championships this year. Despite his requests, Murray was often placed as the final match on Centre Court, leading to late finishes that impacted his performance.

In his second-round match against Stefanos Tsitsipas, Murray led by two sets to one before the match was postponed due to the curfew. Tsitsipas eventually won the final two sets when they resumed the following day. Witness the best tennis game ever with attractive betting odds from Nextbet. 

Murray revealed, “I had multiple conversations before the start of the tournament and asked not to play the third match every single day because that’s what is going to happen with the 1.30 start and the breaks in between the matches. The roof, in my opinion, was there for when it rains – that there is always matches that can go on for the fans and for TV and everything and it’s great.”

He continued, “It feels like it’s getting used now for darkness to play matches later in the evening and when you get that third slot you have no way of practising on an indoor grass court. It’s not possible. You spend your whole time preparing for Wimbledon… but then you’re playing every match under different conditions than what you’re preparing for.”

Murray also criticized the late scheduling of matches in tennis tournaments, saying it doesn’t benefit the sport when fans have to leave early due to late finishes. He added, “You don’t see it in other sports so it’s clearly wrong.”

Meanwhile, British player Jack Draper is making a comeback after missing Wimbledon due to a shoulder injury. Draper, who faced numerous injuries this year, described the summer as extremely challenging, both mentally and physically.

Reflecting on his setbacks, Draper said, “My ranking dropped a lot and I’m going to have to work my way up again. And that’s fine. But it’s definitely mentally very challenging having missed so much tennis this year, for sure.”

As he prepares for the US Open, Murray’s concerns about scheduling and Draper’s determination to overcome injuries continue to be topics of discussion in the world of tennis. Get the latest updates from the world of tennis only on Nextbet Sports