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What is Cashout?

One of nextbet’s newest all powered features that enables the player to have more control over their bets. This allows the player to secure a return at any given time they wishes before the match ends.

Why do I need a cash out?

This feature benefits the player when there’s a fear of losing completely a bet. Essentially, this works as the save or rescue button to still win against all odds. Every last minute decision counts! Bring out the best of every little thing you can get with this feature.

How do I cash out my bet?

“Get the best out of your doubts and odds by cashing out your potential losing bet.

1. Login to your account and place a single or accumulator bet on selected sports, events, fixtures and markets both pre-match and In-Play.
2. Click MY BETS on the betslip
3. Under Cash Out, all your bets which are available for Cash Out are displayed together with the details. Just click on the [Cash Out] button and click it again to confirm. If you choose to partially Cash Out your bet, just adjust the slider to the amount you wish to Cash Out.

4. You may go to My Account and check the “Credit” column of the bet transaction under SETTLED BETS to verify the Cash Out amount.

For more details, check this awesome feature here 

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