Jake Paul

Jake Paul Eyes Matchup with Neeraj Goyat

January 5, 2024 9:41 am

Jake Paul, also known as “The Problem Child,” continues to stir the boxing world with his unique approach to selecting opponents. His career, marked by strategic matchups against older and smaller fighters, has been a subject of much debate and intrigue in the sports community.

Paul has consistently chosen opponents who are older and smaller, moving away from exclusively boxing MMA fighters. His last match ended in a first-round knockout against a 35-year-old boxer, who was at a notable height and reach disadvantage. Witness the world boxing champions in action with attractive betting odds from Nextbet. 

Neeraj Goyat, an accomplished professional boxer with a record of 18-4-2, has experience from the 2016 Olympic trials. However, he is about 50 pounds lighter and six inches shorter than Paul. On Instagram, Paul expressed readiness to fight “any time, anywhere,” while acknowledging Goyat’s size disadvantage.

The promoter hinted at ongoing discussions, raising speculation about a potential match in Puerto Rico on March 2, 2024.

While not a household name globally, Goyat has been ranked in the WBC World Rankings and enjoys popularity in India.

The significant size difference between Paul and Goyat is consistent with Paul’s previous fight strategies.

This potential matchup with Goyat appears to be another step in Paul’s carefully crafted boxing journey. By facing smaller and less known opponents, Paul aims to rebuild his image in the boxing world and possibly set the stage for a high-profile, lucrative fight later in 2024. 

Critics and fans alike are watching to see how Paul’s career progresses, with many questioning whether he will eventually take on opponents that match or exceed his physical attributes. As March 2nd approaches, the boxing community awaits confirmation of Paul’s next opponent and whether this match will indeed be another strategic step in his unconventional boxing career. Get the latest updates from the world of boxing only on Nextbet Sports.