Mason Greenwood

Mason Greenwood Poised for Potential Move to Barcelona Amidst Revived Career in La Liga

January 24, 2024 11:31 am

Manchester United’s forward Mason Greenwood seems to be on the brink of a major career shift, with Barcelona showing strong interest in acquiring his services. The 22-year-old’s journey, marred by legal controversies and a subsequent loan to Getafe, might take a promising turn as he is reportedly close to sealing a deal with the La Liga giants.

The Sun reports that Barcelona has kept a keen eye on Greenwood throughout the season, impressed by his performances in Spain. The young forward’s time at Getafe, marked by a tally of three goals and four assists in 16 La Liga games, seems to have reignited his career, drawing attention from not just Barcelona but other notable Spanish clubs like Valencia and Real Sociedad. Follow your favourite La Liga team with attractive La Liga odds from Nextbet. 

Greenwood’s tumultuous period began with an arrest in January 2022, facing grave charges including attempted rape, assault, and controlling and coercive behavior. However, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped these charges in February 2023 due to the withdrawal of key witnesses. This development, while clearing the legal pathway, did little to solidify his standing with Manchester United, prompting a mutual decision for Greenwood to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Barcelona’s interest in Greenwood isn’t just passing; it’s strategic and well-considered, with the club reportedly scouting him six times this season. The admiration is mutual, with Greenwood reportedly eager to join the ranks of Barcelona, a move that could redefine his career trajectory and offer him a fresh start in a prestigious setting.

The financial dynamics of the potential move are also intriguing. Getafe, having secured Greenwood on loan without a transfer fee, smartly negotiated a 20% sell-on clause, positioning themselves for a potential windfall if the transfer materializes.

Despite the promising developments, Greenwood’s path to redemption is steep. His dream of playing for the England national team hangs in the balance, shadowed by the controversies of the past. Yet, a move to Barcelona could provide not just a new league to conquer but also a platform to revive his international career aspirations.

As negotiations progress, the football world watches closely. A switch to Barcelona could offer Greenwood a chance to not just rehabilitate his career but also to demonstrate his potential on some of the grandest stages in football, including the Champions League. While the scars of the past are indelible, the future holds a promise of renewal and redemption, a narrative befitting the dramatic and ever-unpredictable world of football. Get the latest updates from the La Liga only on Nextbet Sports