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Bayern win and daughter Klara give Lewandowski that `wonderful’ feeling


Robert Lewandowski may have missed a “double’’ but he is not fretting.

For him, what mattered most was Bayern Munich becoming kings of German football again.

That double was for him to emerge top goalscorer in the Bundesliga this season, as well as Bayern retaining the title.

The first one did not happen as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang two goals on the final day of the league were enough to pip and surpass Lewandowski, who fired blanks.

Bayern capped their dominance by routing Freiburg 4-1, but Lewandowski could not find the target as the Torjagerkanone Award slipped out of his grasp.

Aubameyang led Dortmund to a 4-3 win over Werder Bremen to end the season with 31 goals, one better than Lewandowski.

But that did not blemish Lewandowski’s aura as a winner again for Bayern. He would definitely take winning the title that getting an individual honour.

His 30 goals this season included three hat-tricks and eight braces, all key factors why Bayern won the German top-tier for a fifth successive term as they wound up 15 points better than second placers RB Leipzig.

Twenty-five of Lewandowski’s goals were scored in 11 matches, and he only scored in 16 of the 33 games he saw action in the Bundesliga compared with Aubameyang who scored in 22 of his 32 appearances.

Had he won the scoring award, the 28-year-old Lewandowski would have nailed a back-to-back coup and went home bagging a third trophy in the last four years. But he should just laugh away missing by a hairline.

Although not scooping the scoring honour, the Poland striker’s aura as a winner again for Bayern was more important.

He will remain as one of the beast goalscorers Bundesliga has ever seen and if he does not slow down, next season will be there again for the taking.

Like most great players say, he would definitely cherish winning the title more than getting an individual honour.

In the meantime, if he is not busy after another rigorous campaign, expect Robert to play a doting father’s role to his baby daughter Klara.

Having the new bundle of joy as he said, like winning another title for Bayern is a “wonderful feeling.’’