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Colon could not defeat Father Time as veteran pitcher set retirement


Bartolo Colon knows Father Time has caught up on him.

The 44-year-old pitcher of the Minnesota Twins has set his retirement day but still left many guessing as to the exact date.

Colon said he is bidding baseball adieu after 20 seasons and considering retirement.

But the decision, according to the Dominican-American player, will be made depending on what he accomplishes in his next start.

Depending on that tell-tale sign he dropped, there are those who said his next start would be his last.

If the Twins do not change their rotation, Colon will be facing the Los Angeles Dodgers, fifth in the majors in run scored this term, on Monday.

Retirement beckoned on Colon as his form dropped this year.

In his 14 starts, he has an 8.19 ERA and allowed 100 hits in just 67 innings.

Gone were the days when he was a dreaded fireballer and when he became a strong contender for the Cy Young Award which he eventually won in 2005.

The following year though, his form went a downward spiral. In that injury-vexed year, he had a 5.11 ERA.

He rebounded in 2009, starting 12 games for the Chicago White Sox that season, tallying a firm 4.19 ERA.

However, he mysteriously disappeared from the team during the year and was nowhere to be found in the sport in 2010.

Colón came back at age 38, made some impact with the Oakland Athletics. Then bad luck struck again in 2012.

He was meted a 50-game suspension after testing positive for a heightened level of testosterone.

Despite that black mark, the New York Mets took him in and rewarded that trust by coming up with solid numbers over three seasons.

He even made it to the All-Star Game as a 43-year-old in 2016.

Furthermore, he became a fan favorite with the Mets, and got the monicker “Big Sexy.’’

Fast forward to today, Colon is feeling Father Time’s cruel judgment.

For the 20 seasons he plied his trade in the MLB, he will be remembered as one of those who lit it up in one way or another.