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Conor McGregor coach: ‘Conor killing it in sparring’


Conor McGregor’s striking coach Owen Roddy says the Irishman will surprise undefeated boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr. when the pair fights at T-Mobile Arena in Nevada later this month.

Speaking after a 30-minute intense training with McGregor, Roddy claimed the two-weight UFC champion has improved every day and that the two are excited to show Mayweather and the world what they’ve been secretly cooking in the last few weeks.

“Conor is killing it in sparring,” said Roddy to ESPN.

“One thing I’ve noticed in camp is that week after week, he becomes twice the fighter he was,” added Roddy, who has been training McGregor for more than a decade. “I’ve said this before, talking about MMA, that every fight, the ‘New Conor’ would smash the ‘Old Conor.’ Well that’s happening every week this camp.

“Knowing what he’s doing, and how much he’ll improve in the next four weeks, I’m excited for people to see it.”

Roddy claims McGregor has two distinct advantages on the 40-year-old Mayweather: size and the ability to read opponents quickly.

“Floyd is smaller in height and size,” described Roddy. “I don’t think that plays as big a part as the battle of the minds, the brains. [But] I honestly believe no one has a better brain in combat sports than Conor.

“I’ve watched him for 16 years, I’ve watched every single person that’s come to the gym and it doesn’t matter what level they are – straight up boxers, high-level amateurs, Thai boxers, world-class MMA fighters – I’ve watched McGregor read them and pick them apart time after time. You can’t coach that.”

But some still believe that McGregor has no chance against Mayweather, who has defeated great boxers like Oscar Dela Hoya, Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosely but still won all 49 fights. In all those fights, the man who earned the nickname ‘Pretty Boy’ and ‘The Best Ever’ only took a down once.

Despite the great odds, Roddy says McGregor can beat the American since the Irishman has been defying odds his whole life.

“When he was fighting in Cage Warriors, winning two titles there, people said. ‘Yeah but this isn’t the UFC.’ We go to the UFC, he starts knocking people out, and people said ‘Yeah but you can’t win the title’ Then it was ‘you can’t win the lightweight title too’ Now it’s ‘You can’t do it in boxing.’