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Find out who’ll call the police for British fans in World Cup 2018 in Russia


When British fans feel they are in trouble during the 2018 World Cup, they’ll have a staunch ally to rely on.

No, not President Vladimir Putin. It’s Alantim, so move over James Bond!

Alantim who?

Well, Alantim is a robot developed to make English fans feel comfortable and safe during the tournament Russia are hosting next year.

The robot, made by researchers at Moscow Technological Institute, was designed primarily to detect human emotions.

And for Russia 2018, its main duty is to help the Brits.

So what can it do?

In case there is an aggression against any British fan, Alantim will call police for help.

In fact, a video of the robot was released and it explains how it will protect British fans when they attend to see the matches unfold.

The video starts with violent images of soccer fans and security forces taking on each other, suggesting similar incidents could happen occur during the 2018 World Cup.

Alantim can also conduct live television and radio interviews and was event on hand to pick contestants for the Miss Russia pageant.

The MTI said, Alantim was originally named Promorobot when it was introduced as the deputy head of the department of robotics in 2015.

But call it whatever the British want, they have one thing to call on when the going gets tough in Russia.

Do we see Putin putting his seal of approval on Alantim?