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Top 5 world-record football transfers: Pogba’s move from Juventus to Manchester United beats `em fall


It’s raining money, so they say, whenever a football star player transfers from one team to another.

Aside from the huge windfall, every move occupies a huge space in most newspapers, ample amount of television coverage and becomes widespread topic of conversations on social media.

The controversial Paul Pogba snared the world record transfer fee in 2016 when he moved back to Manchester United from Juventus.

Pogba returned to Old Trafford for a massive fee of €105 million in 2016, after playing for Juve on an €89.3-million salary.

The acquisition of the midfielder made United as record holder for the high-value purchase.

United agreed to pay him the aforementioned amount plus add-on bonuses to the Serie A champions if certain terms are met in the future.

The 24-year-old Pogba has blossomed into of the top central midfielders in Europe and could be a chief contender for future Ballon d’Or awards.

That amount broke the then-world record fee of €100 million which Real Madrid spent in acquiring the services of Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur where his previous salary was €85.3 million.

The Welshman lit up the Premier League with 21 goals in 33 appearances during his final season with the Spurs. With Real, he has now scored 47 goals in 81 La Liga appearances, and won two Champions League titles in three seasons.

Ranked third in the list is Cristiano Ronaldo’s move from Manchester United to Real Madrid worth €94 million in 2009. Ronaldo’s salary at United before he relocated to Spain was €80 million.

No doubt, he is at present the finest payer in the world with his numerous club and personal awards at Real where he has now scored 364 goals in 348 appearances, justifying the enormous fee Real paid to get his signature.

At fourth was another big-money move in 2016 when Gonzalo Higuain was snared by Juventus for €90 million. The Argentine striker previously played for Napoli for €75.3 million.

The 28-year-old Higuain netted 36 goals last season, one of the main reasons why Juve lifted the Serie A trophy again.

Luis Suarez’s move from Liverpool to Barcelona in 2014 was fifth in the list. Suarez joined the Catalan giants for €82.3 million after seeing action at Anfield for a fee of €65 million.

The Uruguayan striker scored 82 goals in 133 appearances for the Reds. At Barca, he found the back of the net 59 times last season and many believe he will get a lucrative fee for a new contract.

With the continuous wheeling and dealing of teams in searching for classy players that will fit their system, it won’t be long perhaps that we will be having a new world-record transfer fee in the near future.

Amidst speculations of want-away moves involving big-name players such as Ronaldo, expect money to be splurged again.

If you are a club needing a Ronaldo, then be ready to splash the cash as if there is no tomorrow.

That will be the only way to keep those big-spending clubs at the top of football elites.

But a gamble sometimes goes haywire. Pity those team who had the ugly fate.

However, salute to those who were amply rewarded.

Money spent is always worth it especially when the player repays his value with an excellent performance on the pitch.

And as they say again, money talks in football.

So stay alert all the time for who knows, there might be one record transfer fee unfolding right before our very eyes in the near future.