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Glory days ahead for Curry as lucrative extension offer awaits to make him stay with Warriors


Stephen Curry is still basking in the latest championship glory attained by the Golden State Warriors.

Who can blame him? After all, savouring it while it lasts is as sweet as any victory in the past.

Steph is considered as the main man of the Warriors, or before Kevin Durant fans will react, a win-win solution could be he is co-main man of the team right now.

Anyway, putting that argument aside, Curry’s value is highly esteemed so whatever plans he has to make in the future is constantly monitored by the management’s radar.

No less than GSW owner Joe Lacob confirmed he is on close watch for Curry.

So he told reporters that he will do “whatever it takes’’ to make it sure the three-point shooting, dribbling and driving dynamo stays with the Bay Area franchise.

The 29-year-old Curry is eligible for a five-year, $205-million extension this offseason.

Question is will Lacob make that offer to keep the two-time NBA Most Valuable Player?

Judging from his promise though, it looks like he would make Curry happy.

“I know he wants to be here and we want him here. So, I do not anticipate any issues with him staying,’’ Lacob said, his confidence soaring.

Add in Curry’s pronouncement during the season that he can’t see himself dribbling for another team.

The 6-foot-2 Curry averaged 25.3 points per game during the regular season and improved that to 28.1 points per game in the recent playoffs to help the Warriors win their second championship in three seasons at the expense of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With Durant’s ascension as his GSW co-leader, Curry doesn’t mind as longs as he played a key role in the Warriors’ return to the top after last year’s collapse in the Finals, also against the Cavaliers.

Yeah, Durant might have won the MVP award in the Finals just concluded, but in the eyes of many, that accolade should also be bestowed on Steph.

Yet, Curry is keeping his feet on the ground.

There’s a new lucrative deal waiting. Endorsements may also soon flow in.

And please forget about whether he goes or not to the White House for a photo-op with you-know-who whom most of the Warriors dislike. There is the victory parade in Oakland to look ahead and that’s a perfect setting to share their success to their adoring fans.

So there is no room for fretting. We all know Steph as one who has that baby-face smile with due respect to Klay Thompson.

And so, the mighty Warriors can have another good title run next season.

All Curry wants is for him to stay in good health — no injuries, no worries.

With his winner’s demeanor, Curry will always be there knocking in those long bombs, baffling opponents with killer crossovers, and driving to the hoop for a floater or an up-and-under, and leaving his defender not knowing what whizzed by him.