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Homeless: Sanchez searching for winning formula in the Premier League

Alexis Sanchez Arsenal

Alexis Sanchez is one of the top players in the world, but he is currently homeless.

He is playing for Arsenal, but it is not a marriage that seemed to have borne fruit after three years of somewhat disappointing endings.

He has not achieved anything that can beat his achievements with his former teams, and he was even seen laughing on the bench while the Gunners suffered one of their worst beatings in club history. And his situation cannot be helped when the club manager seemed to have admitted they lost his services and just promised he will not move to an English club.

The winger is just 28 years old, and has shown he can play in any league and compete against top competition, though it is becoming more obvious he cannot do it with Arsenal.

So, yes, in some way, Sanchez is homeless.


The hottest rumors point to four potential destinations for Sanchez, one leads to a U-turn that leads back to the Emirates Stadium, and hold it out for one more year. But with the news of Arsene Wenger’s new two-year deal with the club, and the subtle rift between the Chilean and Wenger, that road is not too good for Sanchez to take, or to even look at. Also, Arsenal are set to miss the Champions League.

Second is the road to the French capital, where Paris St. Germain await. The Ligue 1 giants are still in search of a star to pair with Edinson Cavani, and the club are reportedly luring Sanchez’ Gunner teammate Mesut Ozil. With a teammate to share the road, the journey might be easier, but for Sanchez, who is in search for Champions League glory, it might be another chapter similar to Arsenal, full of broken dreams and early round exits.

Third is the road to West London, to the loving arms of the newly crowned Premier League champions Chelsea. The Blues are managed by a top boss in Antonio Conte, and they are full of players ready to compete in Europe. But there, he has a tough fight for a position, and might not be comfortable to play under the shadow of Eden Hazard, Chelsea’s main attacking piece.

Fourth, and the most likely according to latest news, is the road to the Etihad Stadium, current home of Pep Guardiola and Manchester City. The Spaniard and the Chilean know each other from their time together in Barca, and there they’ve had wonderful years. Guardiola knows how to utilize Sanchez’ talents, and the players know what the manager requires from his wards. He will play alongside Sergio Aguero, who has been comfortable in sharing the spotlight with his expensive side. Playmaker Silva is 31 and might leave the club soon, Kevin De Bruyne is too young to take over such a side that is expected to compete at a high level.


The transfer craze has begun and teams and players will spin the wheels of the market soon.

If there is anything Sanchez should do, it is to wait.

Sanchez is one of the best scorers in the Premier League, having just come off a season where he scored 24 goals. He struck 13 times in the 2015-2016 season, and had 16 goals in the season prior to that. He scored 19 times in his last year with Barca, and 12 in his last season with Italy’s Udinese. No matter where he goes, he scores, so clubs will line up to get him to sign. So he must wait.

After such a good season at Arsenal, he should wait if Wenger wakes up on the right side of the bed and splashes kitty to make a team competitive enough to return to the Champions League.

Or, wait to see which club between City and Chelsea are willing to fight for his signature.

He has time to prepare, pack his things and look at the road ahead.

But only one thing’s for sure, Sanchez will not be homeless for long.