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Honda-McLaren rues engine failure in Canada GP, but hope remains in the horizon

Fernando Alonso Honda McLaren

After five races in the current Formula One season, Honda are still struggling big time to earn a point.

In fact, the team’s racing director admitted the team’s form is “absolutely not good enough’’ to do so.

That awful state was on show in the Canadian Grand Prix over the weekend as an engine failure for Fernando Alonso caused it to lay another big, fat egg.

Honda, combining with McLaren, are 10th and last in the Constructors’ standing where powerhouse Mercedes and Ferrari are currently 1-2.

For his part, Alonso is wallowing at 19 spot in the Drivers Championship after another DNF (did not finish) result stymied him.

Alonso was seeing action in his first F1 grand prix since return from his maiden Indianapolis 500 outing.

He was 10th with two laps to go when his engine lost oil pressure and he was forced to park his McLaren.

British ace Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes triumphed in Canada to stay within range of rival Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari.

Hamilton has 129 points so far, while Vettel leads the field with 141.

Bemoaning the incident, Alonso was fuming mad about Honda’s performance, saying their deficit to F1 rival teams in Canada was “dangerous.’’

Having said that, McLaren executive director Zak Brown’s made known his “serious concerns’’ about Honda’s capability in F1.

Boullier said: “For the first time this season, running in 10th place within spitting distance of the flag, we dared to hope. Okay, what we were daring to hope for were hardly rich pickings: a solitary world championship point for Fernando, who had driven superbly all afternoon, as he’s driven superbly every race-day afternoon for the past two-and-a-half years.’’

Bollier added that even a single point claimed point would have felt like a victory.

There are still 12 races though in the programme and as they say, hope springs eternal.

Boullier and Co. should better put that in mind as their pursuit of points continue.