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Jurgen Klopp says he can go for 10 more years at the helm of Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp has reached a significant milestone in his managerial career, having managed 1,000 games when Liverpool took on Chelsea. In the pinnacle of Klopp’s with the club, he took them from mid-table mediocrity to European champions. However, despite Klopp’s remarkable achievements, many questions are being asked as to whether he will stay at Liverpool for much longer.

When asked about his future, Kloop told BT Sport: “My motivation is no problem. I am a bit like Obelix, who fell in the… you know Asterix and Obelix? Ah, you don’t know it, forget it.

“I have enough energy for another ten years if you want it!”

“That time [when he started as Mainz manager], I didn’t know if I would have a second game, to be honest!

“It’s a big number, I look like I have 1,000 games, but I have done it in 22 years, and it was pretty quick, so here we are.”

When asked about the disastrous season that he is having at Liverpool, he said: “We had a super intense season, won two cups but were not champions because we didn’t win the league. It looks like we are lacking energy, I know, and it is not cool.

“We were lacking energy and hunger, but it was not on purpose. We need to find consistency.

“We need to find a good season again, and hopefully, today, we can take another step.”

The shadow of Steven Gerrard looms large over Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool legend who dreams of leading the club. The former Reds captain was an icon at Anfield, winning multiple trophies during his time with the club and leading them to Champions League glory in 2005. Many supporters would love to see him return as manager, and it appears that their wishes may be granted sooner rather than later. 

The board is considering the opinion, but whatever decision they make will have implications for both men’s legacies.