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LA Clippers looking to reunite with player who left in 2022

The LA Clippers reportedly are in the hunt for a good forward addition to their unit and they might be looking at one of their former players to reunite in California. Serge Ibaka, who is currently plying his trade with Milwaukee Bucks, was formerly a part of the LA Clippers from 2020 to 2022 but NBA rumours suggest that Clippers are looking to bring the player back at a right price. 

Ibaka, the Spanish-Congolese international, was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in a four-team trade featuring the Sacramento Kings and Detroit Pistons as the other two teams. However, Ibaka and the Bucks reached an agreement to find the backup center a new home ahead of the trade deadline due on February 9th, which leaves the floor wide open for multiple clubs to hop in. As it stands, a return to his former home seems very likely. 

With the trading deadline closing to an end, Serge Ibaka seems like an excellent buy-low option for contenders as he offers great experience and will not be costing much for the teams. He re-signed with the Milwaukee Bucks on a one-year $2.9 million deal before the season and franchises will be wary of that salary. He is one of the most versatile frontcourt players and could be deployed as a power forward or a center.

His floor spacing ability and size make him a solid fit for most teams in a reserve role, wherein he could fill in the slots for not-so-important matches and allow some of the star players some important rest. Ibaka also has decent playoff experience under his belt. He was an integral part of the Toronto Raptors team that won the chip in 2019.

Tyronne Lue and his management can also use him as a backup for Ivica Zubac or tag him alongside their starting center to have a heavyweight frontcourt that can threaten any defence in the league. Ibaka offers an experience that current backup center Moses Brown doesn’t have. The Clippers will need more experience to prevail in the playoffs.

The big question now remains as to whether or not the Bucks will allow the player to return to the same club, or if they do so, what price will they be demanding in return. However, considering the fact that Ibaka hasn’t been incredibly fruitful to their ambitions, a move could definitely be sanctioned without much fuss.