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Race to land Terry: Bournemouth leads the pack but others also want battle-hardened defender

After John Terry made it all known to all that he is leaving Chelsea after this season, teams still wanting his services started to pour in.

So is there life after Chelsea for JT?

The answer is a big YES judging from the fact that there are still those who believe he can still be competitive.

And amidst that interest on the 36-year-old centre-back who played for the Blues in a trophy-laden 22 years, one club is said to be at the forefront of acquiring his services.

That is no other than Premier League side AFC Bournemouth.

If this were a race to prise Terry, Bournemouth are said to be leading the pack. For now.

Aside from the Cherries, Terry is now also blipping strongly on the radars of other Premier League sides like West Bromwich Albion and Stoke City.

Clubs from China, United States and United Arab Emirates are also looking for ways to see the battle-tested defender wearing their colours.

Bournemouth emerged frontrunner after manager Eddie Howe beat everyone in first voicing out his interest on JT next season.

It can be recalled that Bournemouth did not succeed to sign Terry on loan during the January transfer window, but who knows, they might just do it when the day of reckoning or to be precise when the day of signing, arrives?

Terry is a friend of Howe so in case the former says “yes’’, that relationship could be one major factor in seeing him strutting his wares for the south coast side.

JT’s dynamic leadership and experience at Chelsea as well as his marvellous feats are seen as reasons why he remains an asset material.

Wherever he lands after he finally severs ties with the Blues, Terry will be there to do his best to lift the team just like what he has done to his beloved London club.

Do we see him thwarting strikers and scoring some goals for the next two years or so? Can his aging legs still compete with younger rivals?

Only Terry, no one else, can provide us the answers.