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Team Liquid defends EPICENTER title after dominating EG 3-1 in the final

Team Liquid esports

Team Liquid lifted the EPICENTER trophy for the second year in a row after thrashing heavy favorite Evil Geniuses 3-1 in the final in Moscow.

Liquid were a step ahead of EG in every turn, particularly in Game 1 where the EU squad forced a GG call in the 17th minute because of a 24-1 kill score lead and only one more outer tower remaining in EG’s side of the river.

EG, which lost only one game on its way to the final, paid back Liquid in kind in Game 2, dominating the scoreboard 30-9, but it had a hard time tearing down towers with Queen of Pain, Ursa and Batrider as cores.

Liquid drafted Invoker for its midlaner Miracle in Game 3, and the signature hero worked big time for the EU squad as it won in less than 30 minutes after the Jordanian star put up a 14-0-9 KDA slash-line on the high-skill requiring hero.

Kuroky, the veteran shot caller for Liquid, went for the jugular in Game 4 and selected a team-fight oriented draft with Ursa, Bristleback, Darkseer, Earthshaker and Razzle against the tank-heavy picks of EG, which featured Puck, Razor, Axe, Io and Treant Protector.

It took 10 minutes for Liquid’s game plan to break through, and a big team fight in the 15th minute of Game 4 saw four die for EG with only one falling down on Liquid’s ranks, giving the momentum to Liquid.

In just 33 minutes, EG had to call GG after Liquid has razed down three of EG’s barracks and has earned a 28k advantage in the gold department.

Liquid pocketed $250,000 as champion, the same prize money they earned a season ago. EG took home $100,000 as the runner-up.

Team Secret and LGD.ForeverYoung, who both reached the semi-finals, were given $40,000 each.