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Teener nicknamed `sinatraa’ is highest-paid esports player


His last name is sure to catch anyone’s attention.

And he has a catchy nickname that you can associate with doing it your way or lauding the city that never sleeps.

This guy is taking the esports limelight by storm.

Friends, meet Jay Won.

He hit the headlines recently after this North American Overwatch star became esport game’s highest-paid league pro.

That materialised after he signed a $150,000 per-year contract with NRG Esports.

But all the salary may not be available for his personal use at the moment.

That’s because he is only 17, sending the pleasure of having that massive contract be taken cared of by his mother. Won and his mom were both required to sign his contract because Jay’s minor status will not allow him to sign alone.

Playing as “sinatraa,’’ Won became the subject of a bidding war between NRG and Cloud9, according to reports.

As to that monicker, he may have taken that from no less than Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, the late great crooner Frank Sinatra.

Won’s $150,000 pay thus placed him at threefold the minimum Overwatch salary of $50,000 per year set by Blizzard.

That income does not include health insurance and a retirement savings plan, on top of that.

He is also entitled, together with his future teammates, to 50 percent of team bonuses, as per Overwatch League rules.

Won, regarded as one of the best North American DPS players, is currently competing with the North American Overwatch World Cup team, and is all set to take on South Korea at BlizzCon in California, on November 3 and 4.

Sinatra, the singer with the golden voice associated with classic hits My Way and New York, New York among others, may be smiling in his grave knowing his namesake has equally found fame and fortune albeit in another field of endeavour.

In Won, err “sinatraa’,’’ Esports may have gained further fame around the world.