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Valtteri Bottas demands early confirmation on his future with Alfa Romeo

Popular F1 star Valtteri Bottas had a memorable five year stint with Mercedes before he moved to Alfa Romeo on a multi-year deal in 2022. Bottas helped the Swiss-based team secure its best championship result since 2012 as it finished sixth in the constructors’ standings and the expectation this season is for Bottas to make a much better impression. 

The Finn has been vocal about the significance of the stability offered by having a multi-year deal in place. Bottas, prior to joining Alfa Romeo, was only been getting one-season extensions at both Williams and Mercedes. Bottas is therefore keen to ensure discussions about his future at Hinwil take place early this year to maintain this stability.

“I’ve been in that situation so many times where it’s become a distraction,” Bottas told “So yeah, for sure, it’s going to be a talking point hopefully quite early [in the year] on what’s going to happen. It is important to me to have that stability after 10 years of not so much stability.”

The upcoming season, which begins in Bahrain in March this year, will be the last year that the Sauber-run team races under the Alfa Romeo banner. They will also be joining hads with one of the world’s biggest names in automobiles, Audi who announced that they will be arriving in 2026. The 33-year-old has already expressed a desire to be around for when Audi’s works support arrives at Hinwil, and noted the boost it had already given the whole operation.

Unsurprisingly, the former Mercedes driver emerged as Alfa Romeo’s leader by example quite early in 2022, scoring 49 of its 55 points through the year, as well as helping it clinch P6 in the championship ahead of Aston Martin on countback thanks to his fifth-place finish at Imola.

He mentioned how enjoyable he found his first year with Alfa Romeo when compared to the massive pressures that are running on a driver’s shoulders while working for a banner like Mercedes, where the stakes are so very high. 

“It’s rewarding and uplifting seeing the joy people have when you’re actually even scoring a few points regularly. It’s not something that the team is used to. It’s definitely been nice to be part of it. Already I’m looking forward to the new car, and how it’s going to be and all that. It’s interesting.” said Bottas.