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Werner non-committal but says he likes Leipzig very much


Like most young stars, Timo Werner dreams of making it into the big stage.

Werner, 21, is the star target man for Bundesliga side RB Leipzig and has been coveted by some top clubs because of his scoring prowess.

He has three goals in three Bundesliga games this season, and also had three goals for Germany during the last international break. He has a total of 25 goals in 37 appearances for his club.

Leipzig is tailor-made to help Werner score, and Werner does all he can to help Leipzig win. The player’s current deal with the Bundesliga club is set to expire in 2020, but Werner can’t help avoid interest from other teams, and even he has said moving to a big club is a possibility.

And, as mentioned earlier, he wants to showcase his skills on the big stage.

He claims that he like “to play here for a while” when talking about the Leipzig side, but he also said “I want to play at a big club.”

“So far, I have travelled very well with Leipzig,” said Werner to Bild. “That is why I do not think about what will happen in one, two, three years.”

“Of course I want to play at a big club,” said Werner. “But we have not yet come to terms with the development in Leipzig. Perhaps RB will be a big club too – I am quite sure.”

“In Spain, there are a maximum of three clubs with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid,” explained Werner. “In England there are a bit more: Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City.

“Bayern Munich [in Bundesliga] is also a big club, but for me it is not a topic I am concerned with.”

He has at least three years left in his contract, but he insinuates that RB must stay on their pace or even go faster to becoming a great team for him to think about staying with the club.

“Football is so fast, you never know where you are tomorrow,” claimed Werner.

“You can never promise something. But as I said: I like it in Leipzig very much.”

“And I am not one who has to go to [another club], where I may earn much more, If I can stay with a club where I develop better and know what I have.”