Tennis Betting

Just like other sports betting (football, basketball, etc.) NextBet offers tennis betting.

Here we have some tennis betting tips you can put into mind when betting:

1) In Tennis, you have to research about the player.

Meaning you have to know his/her past or current injuries. The player may be suffering from an injury that may affect the way he/she would play.

Some players may play well in clay courts, some on hard courts like concrete and some on grass.

Check the recent head-to-head record of the players. To see how the players play when they face each other. This could be an advantage on which side to bet on.

2) You should be aware of the market types. Below are some of the common market types:

Head-to-head market type is when you, the bettor determines who will win the match, regardless of how many sets it takes.

Like in basketball and football betting, bookkeepers will determine the score and the bettor will guess whether it is over or under. But for Tennis, usually the most common bet is Total Games.

Correct score is when you place your bet on one of two players (or one team in doubles) to win the game with a score

Set betting is betting on the exact outcome of the match in sets.

It is easy to bet on tennis, and other sports online with NextBet. Having a big selection of markets to bet on, you will surely enjoy betting at Learning the different tennis betting tips and strategies could help you out as you enjoy watching and betting on tennis.